le musique (exquisite_bones) wrote,
le musique

Holiday Gift/Treat Exchange 2008

Ok, I am going to take a stab at organizing this year's holiday craftiness LJ exchange.

If you want to be a part of it read on and leave a comment!
I will pair you with 2 people, you give each person 1 gift, you will get 1 gift from 2 people.
Handmade or Homebaked is the idea here, lets have a fun craft/treat exchange.

how to play:

1. Leave a comment here (screened!) with
a. your name
b. your email
c. your mailing address
d. any food allergies in case someone makes you a food gift :)

2. Its a craft exchange! We want to support crafty people, so please let the gift you give
a. be made by you
b. be handmade by someone (etsy, local shops, ect.)
c. or food. everyone loves to eat :)
d. a small list of things that you are interested in (this has been requested by participants)

3. I will announce pairs by This Friday Nov. 21st! You can ship out any time after that.
(try to make it there before christmas.)

4. feel free to link this in your journal, and send your Flist to play. the more the merrier!

Lets make this fun!
Tags: craft exchange, gift exchange, gifts, holiday
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